Top 10 Best Phone Under 5000


India is currently one of the world’s leading markets for cellular phones. With the advent of new technology and new affordability in mobile plans, India has jumped to the second position in the world for countries with the most mobile phone users. Currently, for every 100 Indians, 93 are mobile phone users.

This, of course, means that mobile phone manufacturers are keen on tapping the remaining segment of the Indian market, which is especially true considering that despite India’s massive consumption, mobile phone penetration is still only at 28% as of 2019. Meaning, that the cellular phone market is still somewhat restricted to urban middle-class or lower middle-class demographics owing largely to the medium to high price brackets.

From Xiaomi to Samsung, mobile phone companies have recognized the potential of this untapped consumer base and have been working aggressively to produce smartphones in an affordable range. In the last few years, companies have managed to introduce a wide range of smartphones, decked out with all the features of a high-end smartphone.

Purchasing a smartphone no longer means shelling out half your salary for a phone that may become obsolete in a year or two! Now consumers have the option to find a sleek, feature-packed but still budget-friendly best smartphone under 5000 rupees. Even so, like any tech product, one has to be careful in choosing what phone works best for them. To that end, whenever you’re deliberating on phone purchases its helpful to keep a few things in mind:

  • Figure out what needs your smartphone needs to meet. Do you need a high resolution, photography camera or a great camera with decent specifications will suffice? How important is the length of the battery life to you? What screen size do you want?

Answering these questions will greatly help you narrow down your search

  • Talk to your friends! If you find a phone you like, see if anyone you know has already purchased it. Ask them what their user experience has been like and what they don’t like about it.
  • Do your research! Search the internet for reviews and read mobile phone ratings that breakdown the specs for you. Most importantly check out the reviews and comments on online shopping sites such as Amazon to get an accurate idea of the phone.

We’ve done our research and bring you a list of affordable, resourceful and durable best phones under 5000:

Xiaomi Redmi Go – Rs. 4500

Xiaomi is the undisputed king of the Android smartphone market and for good reason. The Redmi Go is just another edition in this long line of Xiaomi mobile phones under 5000. The screen is a modest IPS LCD 5-inch display. With a resolution of 720×1280, it is more than sufficient for movie viewing as well as long browsing needs. It has adequate back and front cameras of 8 and 5 megapixels, a bargain at the price! Redmi Go’s best feature, however, is the signature Snapdragon 425 processor combined with custom Go Edition applications that boost the efficiency of the phone and prevent lag.

Nokia 2.1

With Nokia’s re-entry into the cellular phone market, it has drastically altered the range of smartphones under 5000 it offers. The Nokia 2.1 is an entry-level phone in this lineup, and aside from offering customers the well-known Nokia physical durability it comes packed with a ton of features. It has a generous 5.5inch LCD Display with a 227 dpi. With the battery power of 4000 MAh, however, the phone packs quite punch with a longer-lasting battery life than most other phones in this range. The only drawback with the phone is its low internal storage of only 8GB, expandable to 12GB.

Lava Z60S

The Lava Z60S was designed for those consumers who like to keep it stylish in their tech choices. It is available in premium Gold & Black colours with sleek body and gloss finish. It has standard features for a mobile phone under 5000 with a 1GB RAM and 16 gigs of internal storage. Lava Z60S’ processor leaves something to be desired as it runs on an Android Go Platform and only has a 2500MAh battery back-up. It is still a smooth device, perfect for those not too fussy about internal specs.

Meizu C9

Despite being a relatively newer Chinese brand, Meizu has taken the market for mobiles under 5000 by storm! The Meizu C9 is stuffed to the brim with eye-popping features and digital specs well beyond that of its competitors in the same price range. A resolution of 720×1440 with 295 PPI combined with a 5.45inch Screen and 2D curved glass display makes Meizu C9 the best mobile under 5000. Its processor configuration makes it easy, smooth and lag-free to use and an impressive set of 13 MP & 8MP cameras. Undoubtedly, Meizu C9 will give you the steal-away price of under Rs. 5000.

Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Another excellent addition to the Xiaomi series, the Redmi 7A falls at the higher end of the best smartphones under 5000 but when accounting for inevitable discounts and unbelievable features, the pricing doesn’t seem unreasonable. Redmi 7A comes with 2 GHz Octacore, Snapdragon 439 and an impressive 4GB RAM. Most impressive, the Redmi 7A is massive 16GB internal memory expandable to a whopping 256 GB via SD Card. A 295 PPI with a 4000mAh battery ensured long quality browsing hours on the phone. With such great features, it is no wonder that Redmi 7A is a worthy contender for the best mobile under 5000.

Asus Zenfone Lite L1

Asus is a well-established player in the smartphones under 5000 market and the Zenfone Lite L1 is no exception. Packed with 2GB RAM, it runs an Android v8(Oreo) which is due for an upgrade. It comes with standard features that rival its competitors in this category with a 13MP & 8MP Back & Front Camera and Snapdragon 430 platform. If you’re an Asus loyalist, then you cannot go wrong with this phone!

Micromax Bharat 5 Infinity Edition

Micromax is an Indian brand relied on millions of customers and while the Bharat 5 offers decent specs, looks and brand guarantee, it falls a bit short when compared to its competition. It has a 1 GB RAM and a 5.45inch LCD IPS Display with an impressive 295 PPI. The cameras are most disappointing at 5MP each for the front and back cameras. Nevertheless, it offers perhaps the best battery life with a 5000mAh power back up. Arguably the Bharat 5 could be considered the best phone under 5000 only for its massive battery, although the internal storage of 16 GB, expandable to only 32 GB leaves a lot to be desired.

Reliance JioPhone

The Reliance JioPhone isn’t strictly a smartphone though it possesses a number of smartphone features. The reason for its inclusion as a mobile under 5000 is the features it provides for an incredibly affordable price. It supports essential social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. and comes packed with the whole suite of premium Jio Apps that can be linked or cast to your smart TV. Since it is not a complete smartphone, its mere 2000mAh battery will last the user days without needing a charge.

Whichever smartphone under 5000 you choose, be sure to compare prices from all available offline and online retailers before making a purchase. It also doesn’t hurt to check the warranty and servicing being offered with the phone to avoid maintenance hassles in the future.


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