Top 10 Best Phone Under 12000


The millennials often take mobile phones for granted. But there are people who have been witness the evolution happen in front of their eyes. If you tell the some one of the younger generation that there was a time that a phone could not possibly fit n one’s phone, he will laugh at you in disbelief. There are high chances that they might not have even heard of landline phones. The mobile phone todays have evolved with a disruptive pace such that it has completed replaced all these to now simply bring the world to your palms.

Smartphones come in infinite options. Every budget segment is filled with myriad options, each one with better features than the other. The consumers who are buying budget phones need not feel unsatisfied. The lowest of the phones are very advanced.

The right smartphone has so many benefits. The technology today has evolved to truly enrich you. They are as good as mini computers. You can perform innumerable tasks with its help. It can lend a positive influence to your life, both personal and professional.

Market place is confusing

When a consumer steps out to buy a phone, he or she is overwhelmed with the option presented. Today’s mobile phone industry has blossomed and given space to many new players. Every one of them consistently brings in new features. The intense competition gives definite advantages to the consumers. It brings to them the best of the features at the best of the prices.

Benefits of buying good brands

It is suggested to you to buy a phone produced by a reputable brand. A reputable brand assures you a quality product. They tend to use components of better build. They pay attention to the products they design and work to bring constant innovation.

Famous brands and stats

To help the consumers, we are mentioning some brands that have been catching the consumers fancy recently.

  • XIAOMI – this company started as a mobile phone company. It is famous for providing very good quality at a very competent price. The company has expanded its product-based to producing many electronic products
  • SAMSUNG – this company is well known for its products of premium segments. This conglomerate brings to the consumer’s expertise across all forms of electronic gadget and years of research.

  • REALME – comparatively a new company, it has managed to catch the attention of consumers due to the excellent quality it brings. It has continuously tried to bring to the consumer the latest of the technology at as cheap a price as possible.

The list does not end here. There are other many great brands such as VIVO, OPPO, and so on.



The camera set up on this phone boasts of a Samsung sensor. Equipped with the ISOCELL GM1, it provides the ability to click pictures of the resolution of 48MP. The company has empowered the camera with AI software, which enhances the quality of the pictures.

Its processor of Snapdragon 660 has a speed of 2.2 GHz. the screen on this budget beast is 16 cm. Another unique feature of this model is its charging port. The company provides a Type c model.

Samsung Galaxy M20 64GB

Samsung mobiles always have a great display. The people who are looking for battery which is high capacity can consider this model. This has a 5000mAh capacity. The processor used here is built by Samsung itself. It is Exynos 7 Octa. The camera on this model is enriched with LED Flash feature. The phone supports fast charging

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

ASUS is a renowned company. It has been providing computing solutions for ages. SO you can be assured that their phones will be a good experience. To make sure of this, this model is enabled by Snapdragon 660 SoC. the 5000 mAh battery on this phone is not of the removable type. The screen is, however, IPS LCD

Realme U1 64GB

This can be one of the best available options for the budget segment. It has the highest screen to body ratio amongst its competitors of 90.8 percentage. This model has MediaTek Helio P70 chipset processor which is clocked at 2.1 GHz. It has a standard camera for use in selfies. However, the battery is of a lesser capacity of 3500 mAh.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 64GB

Another great option from the Note series. Snapdragon 660 powers the phone using Octa cores. The phone has IPS Panel which is FHD+ with a battery of 4000 mAh. The camera offered in this phone provides a lovely experience.

Honor 10 Lite

The display on this phone has a notch design of the waterdrop and is Full HD+. The chipset provided is reliable and will make the usage of the phone satisfying

Xiaomi Redmi Y3 64GB

If you are looking for more option from the company XIAOMI, then you can check this model as well. This is a great option for consumers who are very social and want the best selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy M20

The M series of Samsung is filled with very feature-rich models. The battery is 5000 mAh. Ram in the phone is of 3GB and is also enabled with fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy M10 32GB

Infnity V display makes this a good option. This option is however low on battery, offering 3400 mAh. The screen size is 6.22”.

Realme 3

Armed with 4230 mAh capacity of the battery, this model brings to you a 6.2’ mobile which has IPS LCD.

Where to buy from?

The latest of the mobile products are very accessible to the consumers in this day and age.

Most of the reputed brands have dedicated offline stores. These stores are a great place to experience the products in person. You can also be assured that the products you will purchase will be genuine. There are also innumerable third-party stores which have been providing authentic mobile and electronics for many years.

Consumers, even those in remote areas can also have the facility to avail any product of their desire through e-commerce websites. There are secured website through which you can do a safe transaction. Some of these websites also offer the option of EMI purchase.

What model you should choose and which brand?

You might end up very confused while deciding upon which particular model will be perfect for your needs. Below are some steps mentioned which you can use to make a better decision

  • Consult your friends and family – also explore the phones they are using. Ask them about their experience and level of satisfaction
  • Decide upon the primary feature that meets your needs. You may make use of a better camera or you would prefer something which is good at gaming.
  • Once you fix upon few options, do thorough research on those models. The internet is filled with many user reviews which help you to understand which will suit you the best.


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