Top 10 Best Phone Under 10000


Today’s smartphones are more than smart. They are too smart to be called phones. These devices have evolved to have become powerful mini-computers which you can also happen to use as a phone. You will be stunned to know that these devices come in every budget.

The market place is filled with innumerable brands. You may come across many unknown companies promising great devices. Buying a product in today’s world is a very tasking project. Every consumer is presented with so many options that he is left confused. If you do want to experiment and would like a phone which is a correct solution, then buying a recognised brand is a good idea. A good brand puts in more effort at the consumers having a more enriched experience.

A good brand also ensures to provide legitimate solutions to your problems,in case you faced any. The service after the sale is a significant factor.

Xiaomi has been dominating the market. Especially the budget segment. Samsung, which is famous for its flagship phones, has been putting a strong effort to compete with Xiaomi. It has introduced many new varieties with great features. Other companies which many consumers are buying are companies like Realme, Vivo and others.

Below are some options presented to you. These options are from different brands, but all of them have high credibility.


What makes it a perfect option is the processor it is loaded with. The mobile phone comes with the enhanced processor of Snapdragon 665 by Qualcomm. This processor is empowered with a dedicated RAM of 3GB. The battery has a large capacity which makes sure your mobile has juice all day. The phone comes with two storage options. The camera has a triple set up which makes this model a steal.


This is the base model of a highly successful line of phones from XIAOMI. Powered by 4GB RAM and ample storage space, this phone comes in many attractive colours. The screen is perfectly sized to 6.3”. The display provided in this model is FHD+. The phone operates on Snapdragon 665 processor of the Qualcomm company. The phones draw power from an efficient 4000mAh battery. The camera arrangements for this phone are impressive.


Samsung has launched the M series to satisfy the budget consumers. These are excellent phones which have some of the best displays amongst its competitors. The display provided by Samsung has always been vibrant. In this model, the company brings you a Super AMOLED screen. A feature that stands out is its storage capacity. The phone can provide support to the mammoth micro sd card of 512 GB. It also provides an enhanced battery offering to you a capacity of 5000mAh. As selfies have become an integral part of our lives, the company offers a front camera of 16MP sensor. It has three more cameras in the rear. This can be truly called a feature-packed phone.


This model is a successor of REALME 5 — this an excellent option for consumers looking for a sleek phone. The screen to body ratio is very high of 89%. The phone comes in bold colours, that makes it very eye-catching. It has a slightly larger screen of 6.5”. The style of display is mini drop. This budget model comes with a RAM of 4GB and storage of 64GB. The display quality provided is HD+


The feature that makes this phone a very viable option is its setup of the quad-camera at the rear. This model has three options when it comes to specification. The lowest-priced model has a 3GB of RAM, and it can store 32GB of data internally. A more upgraded application is also available.


Its predecessor has been mentioned above. This line of the model has introduced again with an upgraded processor. This model provides consumers with Snapdragon 675. The fast people in the city can benefit from this phone. It supports a fast charging speed of 18W. The increased processor helps in better performance in gaming. The high capacity battery makes it an excellent choice.


The mobile phones by Motorola give the user an enjoyable experience. This can be attributed primarily to the user interface. This interface has been designed by the company and is used specifically for its products. Consumers can consider this model as an option if they are looking for stock android. Its camera set up boats of very high quality of macro camera added with battery life is fantastic.


This well-designed phone looks like a premium flagship phone. This phone uses a different processor than that of Qualcomm. It uses MediaTek Helio P70 SoC, which is an excellent alternative to Qualcomm. The phone is almost without any bezels, and the screen operates with a waterdrop notch. The slot that is provided for sim and SD card is a triple slot, which means that no consumer ever has to compromise.


This phone comes with a humongous battery life of 5000 mAh. The processor runs with a speed of 1.8Ghz which has octa-core. The best part is the quad-camera set up. It makes it one of the few phones with this set up at such a low price.


It is another viable option from this recognised brand. For the consumers who desire phones with a matte finish, this can be a perfect option Matte finish are anyway scarce. This phone also runs on a MediaTek processor of the model Helio P60. with a battery of 4230mAh

From where to buy them

You can avail the phone of your choice in straightforward steps. Most of the recognised brands have offline stores spread across the country. These places also have demo pieces. You can check the product and get a hands-on feel of it before buying.

You can also place an order for the device online. Countless websites are offering these products. Many of the sites are safe and trustworthy. You can be sure to receive a genuine product.

What should you do before deciding

There are many models available in the market with different features, but they are also almost the same. This is very perplexing. To come to the right decision, you should decide what the primary utilisation of the phone is. There are phone which are good at gaming but bad at the camera. There are models which are vice versa. Once you decide which feature is your priority, coming to a decision becomes more natural.

You should also take inputs from your family and friends. Many youngsters like to keep themselves updated about the latest gadgets. Their information might come in handy.

Before making the purchase, it is a good idea to explore reviews of the product thoroughly. Reviews help you make a more informed decision.


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