Who are Influencers and How can they help Promote the Brand?


There are plenty of ways to promote the brand today and there are more and more of them – every now and then new trends appear. One of them, which is very popular today, is influencer marketing based on cooperation with influencers. Who are they and how can they help promote the brand? 

Who are influencers?

It is no one else but people who, using social media, build a group of supporters around them, sharing their passion with them and often presenting details from everyday life, which particularly affects building relationships with recipients – thanks to which they gain their trust, and what hence – also a real impact on shaping opinions. So who is the influencer in the context of brand promotion? He can be described as an influential person who, by expressing an opinion or presenting a given product or service on his profile, can also convince his recipients. Influencers are active in social media: they have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat. They are also often bloggers. But it is Instagram that is still recognized as the main medium ofinfluencer marketing. Influencers are gaining popularity due to their authenticity and naturalness, which is why they are liked and willingly watched. Therefore, they have the potential for marketers who want to promote a given brand!

What to consider when choosing an influencer?

First of all, pay attention to whether the subject matter in which it operates and the style of communication is appropriate for the products and services that we would like to present by entering into cooperation with an influencer. His creativity is of great importance – how he writes texts, assembles movies, what words he uses – these things create a whole envelope and make them liked and eagerly watched. For example: when offering children’s clothing – it’s worth choosing a parenting blog while selling cosmetics, it’s worth contacting YouTubers dealing with the beauty section. In addition, ranges are another important issue- Estimates that you need to pay attention to are the number of Facebook fans, followers on Instagram, subscribers on YouTube or page views, unique users and time spent on the blog. The larger the number of recipients, the better for us, but satisfying results can also be achieved by working with a micro-influencer who has only a few thousand fans. There is no single rule here.

What does Co-operation with an Influencer Look Like?

If this is a recognizable person, you need to find a suitable bargaining chip that will persuade them to cooperate with us. In this regard, popular influencers often use the help of managers – contact them can usually be found on the appropriate medium with the annotation “cooperation”. If the selected creator is a freelancer, you can go ahead and send a message directly to him through the medium on which he is giving, e.g. direct on Instagram. When our influencer accepts the invitation to cooperate, we set the concept of product promotion. The relationship should be of a partnership nature: we focus on small suggestions without imposing a rigid promotion scenario on the creator – it’s worth trusting his vision because this is the way his actions were loved by his recipients. The issue of settlement for cooperation is a completely different story. Some influencers agree to a barter exchange, in turn, others for a certain salary. There are also cases where they decide to promote young brands for free, recognizing their potential. So there is no rule here and it all depends on the person.

The effects of cooperation with the influencer

This form of cooperation is a sensational tool for brand promotion. First of all, due to the range – access to the audience of the online creator, and also because of the trust of the followers, they place in him. This translates into the effectiveness of influencer marketing – after the campaign should be followed by a noticeable increase in interest in a given product or service, which in turn brings you closer to making a purchase. It is worth mentioning that cooperation with an influencer brings benefits not only for large brands but also for smaller ones who want to acquire new customers and build image.

Although influencer marketing is a relatively new trend, it has great potential. It can be a good complement to an advertising campaign and effectively promote a young brand. So let’s watch him closely and take advantage of the product or service being promoted by influencers!


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