Small Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women 


Nowadays having a funky and attractive tattoo is a trend. It is in fashion. People are using different quotes, symbols, pictures. It is very popular all over the world. 

Having a small and attractive tattoo is quite popular among girls. Most of the girls prefer tattoo studio in Mumbai city. 

In Mumbai, you can easily find an affordable tattoo studio with highly technical machines for tattoo designing. Tattoo designing is not an easy job especially on women’s skin; some are having very soft and sensitive skin. It may damage their skin if they don’t take care.

Nowadays big tattoo artists are using the latest pieces of equipment for tattoo designing, so it is less painful to have a tattoo. They are very safe for skin, having chances of less damage.    Here we are sharing some best tips for small tattoo ideas for women. 

1. Heart Shape Tattoo – It is a very lovely small tattoo. It gives a feeling of love, trust, romance, stability and hope. It looks very elegant to have a red colour small heart tattoo.

2. Small Rose Tattoo – It looks very attractive to a rose tattoo behind the neck or on under wrist. It is associated with love, happiness and respect. You can use black or red ink for this tattoo. 

3. Small Crown Tattoo – It is a very decent tattoo. It is a symbol of leadership, authority, Liberty and power. It looks very cool in black, blue or dark grey ink. 

4. Small Airplane Tattoo – It is a very sober design. You can have a small aeroplane design on the upper arm or wrist. You can use dark grey or jade black ink. 

5. Small Sun Tattoo – It is a better choice to have a small rising sun tattoo. It is a symbol of joy and victory. You can use this on the wrist or underarm. 

6. Small Pearl Tattoo – It is a positive idea to have small but attractive pearl tattoo. It shows wealth, purity, rebirth and miracle. It is best for the girls getting married or newly married. 

7. Small Snow Flake Tattoo – It is a good choice to have a snowflake tattoo, it is a very simple type of tattoo. It is a symbol of uniqueness, gentleness and humanity. You can use blue or black ink. 

8. Musical Symbols small Tattoo – If you want to show your music love then it is a good choice for you. You can use any of your favourite musical instrument design for the tattoo. Most of the ladies are preferring guitar and violin.  

9. Small Elephant Tattoo – In so many cultures elephant is a sign of power, prosperity and strength. You can use it on wrist and ankle. 

10. Small Arrow Tattoo – It is also a better choice if you want to have a small size tattoo. It represents strength and power. You can easily find so many arrow designs. you can use black and blue ink for these types of tattoos. 

11. Book Lover Tattoo – There are so many book lovers in the world. So they can represent their book love by having a book design on their wrist or neck.

12. Small Doe Tattoo – Having a small doe tattoo looks very attractive. It is a sign of gentleness. If you are a gentle person then you can use it to show your personality to others. You can use multi-colours for this tattoo. 

13. Small Lotus Tattoo – This tattoo is very attractive and trendy. It represents beauty, perfection, purity and enlightenment. It looks perfect on the ankle or neck. 

14. Small Om Tattoo – It is a religious symbol. It is a symbol of spirituality. If you are a religious person so it is a better choice for you.

15. Small Feather Tattoo – It is a very popular design. It is used by the tribal group and ancient civilisations. It is a symbol of freedom, truth, bravery and liberty.  

16. Small Owl Tattoo – It is very attractive to have a small owl tattoo. It is a symbol of strategy and wisdom. If you are having a mysterious personality to observe more and speak less, then it is a better choice for you.

17. Small Tree Tattoo – It is a symbol of peace. if you are a greenery lover then it is a good choice for you. It also represents wisdom, growth, prosperity and abundance. 

18. Small Moon Tattoo – It is a very gentle choice to a fool moon or half-moon tattoo. It is a symbol of rebirth, femininity and peace. It looks perfect on the wrist, arms and neck. 

19. Small Anchor Tattoo – It is a popular tattoo. It shows Security, strength, stability and persistence. You can use it on wrist, ankle or on the neck.

20. Small symbols Tattoo – You can use any religious or royal sign for the tattoo. It is a simple and sober choice.  So these are some best small tattoo designs for women.     


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