Top 15 Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answer


There has been a lot of debate in understanding what is salesforce lightning. Some say it’s a web component that makes the smooth running of applications in the salesforce platform, while others say it provides an application that provides greater security since it is built keeping the latest web standard in mind. To clear this doubt, this article has come with the 15 salesforce lightning interview questions that will help you understand salesforce lightning in clear detail.

1.what do you mean by salesforce lightning?

Salesforce lightning is a computer network model that used to make business operations faster for enterprises. These are tools that help in the smooth running of the salesforce platform.

2. How is lightning applications are compatible with salesforce mobile application?

The lightning components can directly create from the web stack. So, this means that they are very compatible with the salesforce mobile application. In addition, the lightening tools can also be used in the salesforce programming language like Apex and visual force. So, the feasibility is very high from the lightning components 

3. Can a lightning component be made both for mobile and desktop?

Yes, lightning component can be made for mobile and desktop. 

4. Is lightning component follows a certain mc framework?

Nope, according to most of the salesforce professional, a lightning model is basically a component-based framework structure 

5. Name the lightning component which is on the client-side and the components that are on the server-side

The lightning component that is deal with JavaScript is on the client-side, and the lightning components that deal with Apex language are on the client-side. 

6. what are the various types of salesforce lightning components?

These can be broken down into three parts known as system event, application event and the component event. Application event deals with a lightning component that is registered for an event. System events contain those lightning components that have been issued by the salesforce system initially, and the component event deals with those lightning components that are parent related. 

7. State the differences of application event and the component event?

The component event uses those lightning components which will help the parent and the child to communicate with each other. The component event includes special features like bubbling capture. So, if a child makes any changes in the communication, it will be notified to the parent on an immediate basis. Application events use lightning tools to communicate information to a larger audience. So, the developer will get notified if any user gets registered with the component event 

8. Explain the process by which a lightning component can be used in visual force page?

A lightning component can be incorporated into the visual force page with the help of a feature called lightening out. This process of incorporation would need three steps to follow which can be stated as follows:

Step 1: The developer should code the lightning components in the JavaScript. Once this done, the JavaScript will automatically target the visual force programming language.

Step 2: A developer needs to create a specific lighting application which will have all the compatible lightning component. 

Step 3: A new JavaScript needs to be created with the help of the command prompt known as lightning create a component (). 

Learn this answer and memorize it multiple time since this is one of the most asked salesforce lightning interview questions. 

9. Why have people moved to salesforce lightning

Salesforce professionals have opted for salesforce lightning migration because it offers the salesforce professional the privilege to customize salesforce products and meet the needs of the customer. Salesforce lightning migration has helped the salesforce developers to perform a high degree of customization on visual force pages and use the salesforce dashboard according to the developer’s needs. 

10. What is the maximum limit of lightning components that can be incorporated in the salesforce application?

There are no boundaries in having a particular number of lightning components. So, this means any number of salesforces LWC (lightning web components) can be incorporated in an application. 

11. What are aura components?

Aura components are basically a computer network that can create an interface which to allow the mobile and desktop application to be used simultaneously in a platform. Aura is an interface that provides the developer with the power to customize their application and make changes as according to the needs of the customer. This is a component which uses JavaScript on both sides. Like the JavaScript is used for both for the customer and the client’s side. 

12. What are some of the advantages of lightning components?

Well, there are tons of advantages of using a salesforce lightning platform, but there are two distinct advantages that stand out from the rest. One is blazing fast creation of an application, and the other is easy decoupling in-between component event and application event 

13. Can lightning component be displayed?

Yes, salesforce lightning migration has the privilege of displaying lightning components in the system. The areas in which can be visible are visual force pages, the lightning application, template that is community-based and salesforce one application.

14. How can the connection be established between lightning components?

Well, communication between the components can be done with the help of two ways. One is known as through the method of the attribute, and the other is known as the method of different events. 

15. what does of Aura attribute actually mean?

In aura interface, there have different kinds of variables. This variable can be marked as true if there is a condition that is true. Otherwise, the condition can be regarded as false. Then the variable will be marked untrue. Please remember that aura attribute should always begin with an underscore and a letter and it should also have alphanumeric numbers. 

Final thoughts

Lightning platforms are designed for those people who do not have any kind of programming knowledge. The learning curve of the lightning component is so simple that a person with a non-technical background can use it. The above 15 questions are most asked questions during a salesforce lightning personal interview, so make sure that you learn them by heart. 


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