Privacy Policy

In this age of technology, privacy has become a critical issue. Everybody cross-checks the risks of confidentiality before using any products. We understand the gravity of this issue. Hence, you can find our policies on privacy stated below.

However, note that the contents which form the policy are prone to changes. These changes can occur at any time without any showcase of notice. Please read the following article to get an in-depth understanding of the policies.

What information is collected?

This article will inform you of the various methods employed to collect the information. Some of which have been mentioned below:

  • Cookies – This technical feature is used to recognise the users as they log in the website. This helps us to create a more personalised experience for the user. You should not be worried as the use of cookies are very safe. This practice is very standard and widely used almost across all significant website. The data which is stored in these cookies do not change, making these unharmful.
  • Comments – Comments are great to analyse the latest trends and consumer behaviour patterns. For a website to accept your comment and publish it for the view of the public, a series of backend processes work. Once you comment, the website analyses the authenticity of the profile. If it is found authentic, the comment is allowed to be published along with the picture of the person.
  • Forms – These forms which a user fills at the various points is a significant source because of its authentic nature. Every user personally fills these forms; hence the details are always correct. To ensure this, a process of cross verification exists. Forms contain much crucial information, such as the personal contact number and address. These pieces of information are kept in store safely with the company.
  • Google analytics – Like an innumerable website, we use Google Analytics too. It is a great tool that helps us to understand our website better. It informs us about the visitors that visit our website and the quality of their interaction.
  • Embedded content – you may come across articles which have many embedded links. Like us, the website to which these links belong, also use various methods to garner content. A user often moves from the article to a link which has been embedded in it. There are chances that these actions would have been being observed.

The company does not share any form of data. However, in certain situations, the company may be required to release certain pieces of information. The company would like to declare such conditions. If the requirement is legal, then the information may be issued. The information may also be released in case the requirement is administrative or legal.

The users should also be aware that there are high chances of some form of data being stored with third-party apps.

These data are vital. This is primarily for the reason that helps us to improve the websites. We use these data to make the experience of the website more satisfactory.