11 Best Pharma Companies in Bangalore


Pharma industry has been always providing a strong presence in India. The pharma companies in Bangalore has been showing a great impact on the pharma industry of India. Most updated technology along with great minds to prepare pharmaceutical preparations makes the pharma companies in Bangalore famous across the globe. The dedication of pharma industries has made this country capable to fight with every medical condition. Not all these companies craft pharmaceutical preparations. Some of the companies also work with biological components and also microbiological facts and their future products. This list of top pharma companies in Bangalore companies has considered being in this list because of their dedicated work, research and development of the medical industry of India. This list has included companies who have shown a prominent contribution to developing the medical science of this country. Starting from medical components and its formulas these companies produce equipment and their services as well. These companies have shown a great impact on research and development over new medicine and also discovered new composition to treat diseases. 


A completely integrated pharmaceutical company which has established its presence across the globe. They are famous for crafting pharmaceutical preparations in various dosage. Their research and development centre gives proven scientific competence which makes this company one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Bangalore. Their famous services are of proof of concept, formulation development, analytical services, clinic manufacturing and commercial manufacturing.

CAD pharma Inc.

A very young company in the pharma industry of India is this CAD pharma Inc. their main motto is to assist customers and associated in sourcing products including pharmaceutical ingredients, finished formulations, excipient and intermediates. Their regulatory affairs and documentation make them special. Their famous services are of your sourcing partner or marketing partner, sourcing APIs, formulations and intermediates, consulting and regulatory assistance, product registration with DCGI, Market survey and product selection, marketing assistance and business development.

Aurigene Discovery Technologies limited

Aurigene is a drug discovery company who is committed to being the vision of scientific collaborator in India. This company is present globally. Their famous services are analytical services, clinical manufacturing, commercial manufacturing, product list preparation, regularly services, pharmacovigilance, packing design & development. They have been showing full attention to drug discovery and crafting its infrastructure.

Vardhaman Health Specialities Pvt Ltd

This is one of the famous pharmaceutical distribution company of India based in Bangalore. This company has initiated the difference in supply chain management of super speciality pharmaceutical. With the application of biology and drug science, they have come up with such products which have shown prominent result in the pharmaceutical industry of India. Their famous services are for pharmacies, patients, hospitals. They are a famous manufacturer, clinical trial producers, facilities, life-saving machines. This is why they been secured a position on this list of Bangalore pharma companies.

Genei private limited

Genei laboratories are famous for producing an array of high quality, affordable biological products. They address molecular biology the most and extract products from the same. They offer several custom services in the biology field. The products have reached domestic and international markets as well. Their famous services are genomics services, antibody services, proteomics service, Bioagri services.

Stericon pharma Bangalore

Stericon Pharma is a pharmaceutical company who specialise in manufacturing of multipurpose contact lenses keeping its sterility intact. They also manufacture sterile formulations for eye and nose. They have been providing services in this industry over a decade and they have been showing prominent presence over 40 countries across the globe. Their famous services are manufacturing licenses, wide distribution network, state of the art facility etc.

Bal Pharma Limited

Bal Pharma is one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Who has over 25 years of experience? They are specialised in providing prescription drugs, generic and OTC products. They work hard to improve the quality of the products and also maintain their product efficiently and further research on them. Their famous services are Ayurveda or herbal medicine, marketing in the national and international level. They have been showing effective production and accuracy.

Jubilant Biosys Limited

A branch of Jubilant Life science family of companies is this Jubilant Biosys Limited. They have been serving in India and also in other countries of Asia and North America. Their comprehensive drug discovery services make them unique in this business. Their famous services are discovery informatics, computational, chemistry, structural biology, chemistry, in vitro biology, DMPK etc.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries limited

The main motto of this company is to reach people, touching their lives and providing medicine sinology. Ideology and core of sun have a lot to offer in medical science and this company makes those benefits prominent. Their famous services are of research and development, maintaining the quality of product and manufacturing products.

Global calcium

This is an EU- GMP certified company which is a quality mark of pharmaceutical standards. It comes up with several products with great quality. This company manufactures Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Dairycal, Ferrous, Gluconol lactone. They are famous for manufacturing pharmaceutical products with quality.

Lotus Labs Private Limited

This company has been maintaining a global standard scale of producing pharmaceutical, biotechnology product and medical device. Their composition and their quality maintenance process are the USP to the company. Their famous services are BA/BE studies, phase II-IV Clinical trails, bioanalytical research, biometrics & Medical writing, Regulatory services & QA, Central Lab.

The above-mentioned companies are one of the top pharma companies in India. They have been contributed to the betterment of the medical industry of the nation. Some of the companies have also shown their presence globally. We are proud to have such companies in India who offer products and services of international level. They have the international standard of medical science and technology to bring the best in the country. These companies in this list are precious to India because of their constant services which are rich in quality. The companies who focus on the discovery of new medicine, research and development of medical science has given India various medicine which has been first introduced internationally. 


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