How to change mobile number in SBI?


SBI or State Bank of India is one of the most reputed banks of India that operates in every city and town within the country. It offers Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, wealth management, credit cards, finance, and insurance services to the Indian public.

 Experts recommend that you must register your mobile number with the bank accounts that you are having. It aids you in keeping an appropriate track of all your transactions and helps you in notifying when any unauthorized transaction is taking place in your account. If you have already registered your number, then you must keep it updated when you are changing your number so that the bank can reach out to you in case of fraudulent activities taking place in your account. Procedure to change your number If you have an active internet banking account, you can follow the below steps to change the phone number on your bank account:

 Step 1: Visit to change your mobile number.

 Step 2: Click on the ‘Profile’ tab. Step

 Step 3: Select ‘Personal Details’ once you have logged into your account. Step

 Step 4: Enter your profile password. Step

 Step 5: You will see your name in the display, Email ID, and registered phone number. You can click on the link stating “Change Mobile Number – Domestic Only (Through OTP/ATM/Contact Centre)’. 

Step 6: Once you have clicked on the link, you will be redirected to a screen that states, “Personal Details – Mobile Number Update.” There will be three options available to you: Create Request, Status, and Cancel Request.

 Step 7: You will have to input your new phone number and re-enter the same again. Make sure that you re-enter the same number that you are inputting in the first tab.

 Step 8: Click on the ‘Submit’ option.

Once you have submitted the Request, you will see a pop-message coming up on your screen stating that ‘Verify and confirm your phone number XXXXXXXXXX.’ You will have to click on the ‘OK’ option to proceed further. Once you have clicked on the ‘OK’ option, you will be redirected to a new screen where you will find three options to change your phone number:

  •  By receiving OTP on your both the numbers 
  • IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM 
  • Approval by calling the Contact Centre 

If you are opting for the OTP (One-Time Password) option, then you will have to make sure that both of the mobile numbers (previous and current) are active. You will be receiving an OTP on both the mobile numbers that you will have to input in the required sections for validation purposes. If you are choosing the IRATA option, you will have to enter your debit card details and then click on the pay option. You will have to visit the nearby SBI ATM to complete the validation. Choose the Services tab in the ATM and then select Internet Banking Request Approval. Input the reference number that you have received on your phone and proceed to complete the Request.

 If you are choosing the third option, then you will have to enter your ATM card details on the screen that you will see. Once you have entered your card details, you will have to click on the submit option. You will receive a text message that contains the reference number of the phone number change request. A bank official from SBI will contact you within three working days to update your new number. Make sure you call out the reference number correctly to the bank representative.


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