Free High-Quality Directory Submission Sites Lists


If you are looking for the best free directory submission websites that have high domain authority, then you can read through the below-provided information.

Those golden days are gone when you used to rely on only one or two strategies when building a website. In today’s market, you will have to come up with unique and many effective strategies to get better Google rankings for your sites.

Sites to consider

Below-listed are some common web directory submission sites that you must consider to update your website’s address:

  1. Facebook Business Pages: DA 95
  2. DA 65
  3. DA 66
  4. Zomato for Businesses: DA 84
  5. DA 63
  6. DA 74
  7. DA 94
  8. DA 77
  9. DA 63
  10. DA 57
  11. DA 76
  12. BBB Directory: DA 90
  13. DA 74
  14. DA 61
  15. Yahoo Small Business: DA 88
  16. DA 37
  17. DA 49
  18. Google My Business: DA 81
  19. Bing Places for Business: DA 52
  20. FourSquare for Business: DA 93
  21. MapQuest for Business: DA 89
  22. Yelp for Business Owners: DA 94
  23. Yellow Pages Business: DA 73
  24. DA 38
  25. DA 80

How to make the best use of submission directory sites?

If you are facing a tough time to get traffic for your website, then you must have to pay attention to the SEO section first. It not so easy as it sounds. You are required to create quality backlinks to generate massive traffic in your website. Therefore, it’s time for you to make use of free directory submission websites that has the lowest scores of Spams and high domain authority. Before you start making use of the directory submission sites, let’s first get to know what do you mean by directory submissions sites.

What are Directory Submission Sites?

Directories are those websites that can store beneficial information about the businesses efficiently. It is a procedure that helps you in adding your website to the web directory on a global level. It works just like a telephone directory. Whenever you are using a telephone directory, you can find the name and number of the ones that you are looking for. Similarly, when you are using directory submission sites, you can find your website’s name and its information in the directory. People or businesses can use this information to get in touch with you.

Considered to be one of the effective off-page SEO techniques, you can make use of this directory submission sites to link your website’s name, address, and contact details. There are many benefits associated with it that you will gradually experience as you explore more about the directory.

Benefits of Web Directory Submission

Directory Submission is commonly used as one of the useful SEO strategies by many businesses across the world. Here are some of the best benefits that Web Directory Submission offers:

  • Better ranks in the search engines: it helps you in boost your rankings in the Google search results or any other search engines.
  • The increasing popularity of your link: You can obtain high-quality backlinks that help you in improving your demand across the world.
  • Indexing blog posts or pages: it offers you with guaranteed indexing for search engines when you are submitting to the directories.
  • Generating traffic to your site: As the popularity increases, it helps you in creating a huge amount of traffic to your website or blog overnight. Although, it also depends on the quality of content and services that you are uploading on your website, but registering your website in the directory submission sites help you in generating more popularity to your website.


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