15 Best Aerospace Companies in Bangalore


Aeronautics has been growing interest among youth nowadays and Bangalore is being one of the prominent hubs of aerospace companies in India. The aerospace industry in Bangalore has been prominently growing every decade. These companies are being famous for great job opportunities and of course, build a better community. Here are 15 aerospace companies in Bangalore you should try in getting a job.


Asteria aerospace is a company who works with robotics and artificial intelligence mainly. They are expert in providing drone-based solutions which are an actionable intelligence-driven process that runs om aerial data. They have been working with most updates software and hardware system which makes the process entirely automated. Some of their most popular services are of Genesis, A400, CYGNUS. Their team and usage of updated technology make them integrated into operational workflows easily with increasing safety, time and money.

Genser Aerospace & IT Pvt Ltd

A company which is been providing services since 1997 at Bangalore. One of the most famous aerospace experts has been working over there. They have been able to connect India aerospace to the global aerospace industry. This company works with aircraft documentation, sourcing and consulting of aerospace companies, designing, manufacturing of aircraft and they are prominently incorporated with aviation services as well.

International Aerospace Manufacturing Pvt Ltd

This company is a joint venture of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Rolls-Royce. In India, the compressor parts of Rolls-Royce is being manufactured. This company also focuses on healthy, safety of the environment and the traveller. Their special process is more attractive. The in house manufactured products are directly shipped to Derby.

Merlinhawk Aerospace Pvt Ltd

A business unit of Merlinhawk Aerospace is this company which provides focused services on aviation and defence sectors. Apart from these two services this company also works for the airborne system, ground support equipment, defence electronics, cable harness assemblies, Honeywell avionics, value-added products and power supply. They hold a certification of military and civil design organisation.

SIKA Aerospace & Defence

An engineering-driven company who is more focused on Aerospace, automotive sectors, Defence & Space sectors in India. This company has been prominently keeping a good track record where their services and products are getting improved day by day. Which helps them to stable their feet in this industry for longer days. Their services include Landing gear & hydraulics, dedicated facilities, harnesses & Looms, Electro-mechanical assemblies, IE 2 facilities etc.

Mahindra Aerospace

The Aerospace business of Mahindra group mainly works with aircraft and aerostructures. This company has a production unit for aerostructures, aircraft, airvan 8 and airvan 10. They are also based in Australia but they have been showing a great impact on the Indian market of the Aerospace industry.

General Aeronautics

General Aeronautics a company who is specialised in aircraft designing. Their company is packed with highly experienced members who are producing great work now and then. This organisation also serves client internationally. Their method of aircraft analysis and designing the upcoming aircraft and its part in a better way is their main motto. Their services include UAS, product design and engineering, commercial and military aircraft and engineering services as well.


Boeing has been serving in Indian aerospace industry for more than 75 years as of now. Their products have been used in world war II as well. They are prone to work with aviation sectors. They do work with the commercial aviation sector and the military aviation sector as well. Some of their famous services include Boeing defence, space and security, AH 64E Apache, C 17 Globemaster etc.

Ignis Aerospace

The company Ignis Aerospace and design are famous for producing unique designers of aircraft and it’s parts. Their operators are widespread in the USA, UK, Germany, France, the Middle East and Bangalore. Their services person are very efficient and look after deadlines as well. Their famous services Engineering, harness design, avionics, technical documentation services.

Pinaka Aerospace Solutions

Pinaka Aerospace Solutions is famous for providing services in the field of Avionics, Electronic warfare and communication system. This company has been launched in 2007 and from then their expert team and efficient delivery make them more special. The knowledge that the service provider is exceptional. Their services include automatic test equipment, test rings, indigenization, airborne Avionics hardware, simulators, hybrid calibration facility.

Seine Aerospace

A very young organisation has been able to take its place in this list of top Aerospace Companies in Bangalore. Their working culture is more efficient than any other company who has been serving the industry for longer years than them. Their famous services are automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, manufacturing, consumables management, design, shop floor application products and electrical harness etc.

Aerospace technical

A company composed of highly experienced employees who are domain experts. Their major services are handled by these domain experts. Their popular services include aero-engine manuals, engine maintenance manuals, engine overhaul manuals, component maintenance manual, cleaning, inspection and repair, manual illustrated parts catalogue, service bulletins, aircraft maintenance manual, structural repair manual.

Throttle Aerospace

This company is one of the most famous companies who deal with aerostructures and composite technology. Their impressive track record speaks about their service quality. Their top services are topographical survey, large scale mapping, aggregates and mining, agriculture, utility inspection and management.

Unimech Aerospace

This company has been derived from a unique desire and channel individual strengths. Their complementary skills and strong experience of employees makes this a strong company. Their famous services are aerospace and MRO tooling, machine fixtures, assembly fixtures, special process fixtures, MRO tooling, machine parts, assembly manufacture, oil and gas etc.


A decade-old company has been serving the aerospace industry so well that it has brought it to this list of aeronautical companies in Bangalore. Their special services are on harnesses, design tools, electromechanical, unit integration etc.

These are the top aerospace companies in Bangalore who has been serving the nation and the industry for a long time. Their contribution has made them secure a position in this list.


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