Best Adobe InDesign Alternatives for web designers

Before the computer days, the publication was done with the help of paste-ups with proper measurement and care. With the introduction of computer, things started getting software dependent. This was when adobe InDesign came in the picture. Though the software made publication go seamless, people were not happy with its price point. For a professional graphic designer using this software was pretty difficulty since it cost 19.9 dollars a month. Thus, in the quest for searching more value for money software, people began to search for adobe InDesign alternative.

Why consider a substitute?

There are some great alternatives to InDesign that are available in the market right now, which offer same features of adobe InDesign and also value for money. So, if you are searching for an InDesign alternative then this article might be your answer. Some of the best choices will be discussed in the section below:

1. QuarkXPress

In the united states this tool is considered as one of the best alternatives to InDesign. If you are tired of the subscription model and want something free and user-friendly then this might be the right fit. This software is developed by a Colorado-based company known as the Quark software Inc. and has been in the graphic design market ages, basically since 1987. This tool is capable of creating different layouts for newspapers and magazines.

2. Scribus

This one is regarded as one of the best alternative to InDesign.  This software is a full-fledged desktop publication application that is dedicated in providing you impeccable quality publications. It has some power packed features like bitmap formats that have similar characteristics of adobe photoshop. Learning of this software is relatively easy since the official manual comes easy instructions to explain the working of the software. Also, this software is an open-source platform, which means the software is available for free. The developers of this software regularly provide security fixes, so that user functionality is enhanced.

3. Lucid Press 

Most of the users have used InDesign have stated that though InDesign some great features, but learning of the software can be a difficult job. With lucid press, learning is easy as the drag and drop functionality provided which turns your com-plex projects into reality. However, when you opt for premium experience you will get some additional features to use, which enhances the user experience

4. Canva

 This is not a traditional publishing application, but it comes as a graphic designing tool. Professional users who have been searching for alternatives to InDesign have regarded this software as one of the best tools for graphic related projects. Reddit users have claimed that this software makes high flyers and posters, and learning of this software is straightforward. The premium account will provide you with more features, but the free version is enough to handle your graphic related issues

5. Crello 

This software requires no technical knowledge, and it is one of the most accessible design tool to build graphics and animations. If you are someone who is searching for a tool that will be used in social media then this can be great option as this tool will require no design skills.  A web design company that deals with animations related to Facebook, Instagram and twitter use this software to do their social media-related tasks.  Also, since the learning curve of this software is natural, a web design company does not need to hire an exclusive web designing profession to use this software.

This software tends to tell your story with a visual touch. The most significant feature of this software is the fact that designer software is not complex to use.  You don to have to pay massive designer fees to use this software and no designer skills to tell your story. This is a simple tool that reaches your audience with visual impact. There are thee noteworthy mentions of this software like presentations, print, and infographics

  • Infographics: When you use infographics from this software, then you can build a close connection with your audience
  • Presentations: The presentations that are created with this softer makes your client watch all the noteworthy points
  • Print: With the help of a print option, you can create reports flyers and posters and then hand it of people that do business with you.
  • Affinity publisher

Web designers mostly want to bring their work to life, so there in continuously searching for software to do so. Their search ends when they work with affinity publisher. With the help of this software they are able create exemplary layouts for publications.  Be it books, brochures, posters or reports, this software gives the web designers the power to combine images and text to create attractive layouts.


If you are someone who is looking to create social media posts for free. Then this can be a great option. The current users of this software are estimated to be 5 million, and it has been growing with each passing day. The software comes with some commendable features which are design and update, variations of templates, royalty-free resources


All the alternatives that are stated above for InDesign will seem a good fit for you since all offer similar features and are value for money. Some are even available for free if you are not a fan of subscription norms. Make your publications come to life with these set of alternatives


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