20 Ways Drive More Traffic to your Blog/Website

Social Media Website plays an important role in Generating Traffic to your Blog & increase sales of product and services. Following are the Social Websites and Social Communities List which can help you to rank your website. Just place your link in profile or post with information. Alexa rank may be up or down. Best 20 Social Website list to drive traffic.
1) Facebook: Facebook is largest social website its Alexa rank is No.3 with billions of users. Join groups related to your niche, make Friends and Share your Blog Posts with them. Create attractive FB Fan page about your product or blog and update information daily.
2) Twitter: Twitters Alexa rank is No.14.It is the second most popular social network. Just try to increase followers list to generate more Traffic.
3) LinkedIn: LinkedIn Alexa rank is No.18 with millions of professional users using this website so the quality of traffic is very good.
4) Pinterest: Alexa rank No.28. Pinterest is a Bookmarking, photo sharing website. It’s a “Catalog of Ideas” to share with people. Pinterest allows people to create a page for promoting their business online.
5) Google+: Alexa rank No.1. Share your Blog Post on Google+ as social signals are used to page rank and it helps to increase Author Rank (Identity) about the post. If you are popular in Google+ your chance of rank high will increase.
6) Reddit: Alexa rank No.73.In Reddit, you can submit content or direct link to your website. Reddit is social news platform and allows users to submit content and vote other users contents.
7) Yahoo Answers: Alexa rank No.4.Yahoo Answers is popular Q&A site on the internet. There are almost all category Q&A available in Yahoo. Answer related to the question of your niche with reference to your website. It will send you traffic.
8) YouTube: Alexa rank No.3.YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform. Make comment on the related video with the backlink to your blog. Millions of users using youtube to share videos and their website.
9) HubPages: Alexa rank No.534. If you write and submit a good article in Hubpages it can generate traffic for you. Best hub page articles rank high in Google.You can share your advice, related reviews, Ideas, Tips with other authors.
10) StumbleUpon: Alexa rank No.157.StumpleUpon is a social bookmarking platform with millions of users. Share your web pages on this site to drive traffic.
11) MySpace: Alexa rank No.836. Create MySpace page and start posting and connecting with customers. You can add an external link in your post.
12) Inbound.org: Alexa rank No.8554 & No.5. Inbound.org is a good community of professional people who like to read & share interesting contents.
13) Scoop.it: Alexa rank No.624. Create and grow your online business with publishing curated content. Curated means gathering information about a particular topic, discuss on content and connect with people on the similar topic.
14) Delicious: Alexa rank No.1068. Delicious is a social bookmarking website for share, store and discovers web bookmarks or links.
15) Squidoo: Alexa rank No.686. Squidoo allows you to create content related to your topic and submits with your blog backlinks.Squidoo is a community website.
16) Wikipedia: Alexa rank No.6. Wikipedia is an online information/ list (encyclopedia) that allow anyone to edit articles. Post your personal identifier information. Choose a username, Create your own page to share information about yourself, Communicate with other editors with talk page, Exchange emails etc.
17) Flickr: Alexa rank No.74. Flickr is photo sharing website.Upload interesting photos & Videos so that people can connect with your profile and may click on your website link.
18) Quora: Alexa rank No.432. Quora is working like Yahoo Answers (Q&A Network) You need to help people solve their problems.
19) Instagram: Alexa rank No.41. Instagram is photo sharing website like Flickr, You can promote your website in Instagram. Signup & add your link in bio. Post relevant photos & videos. Start following peoples
20) SlideShare: Alexa rank No.123. You can share slides, presentation, documents, Infographics, PDFs, videos & webinars also.
You can join other Websites also to generate traffic. Like Technorati, Blog Engage, Alltop, Triberr, List.ly, Visual.ly, BizSugar, JustRetweet, Viral Content Buzz, Slashdot, Yahoo Voices, Growth Hackers, LinkedIn Publishing Platform etc.


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