19 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast


When you tell people that you are making money online. They tend to think that you’re running some Ponzi scheme. In reality you using your talent and internet to the fullest potential. I have seen a lot of people who have made six-figure online career for themselves. So, in this article, I am going to discuss nineteen legit ways in which you can make money fast.

Way 1: Freelancing

Some companies are looking for talented freelancers for hire. To find freelancing work you need the research about the platforms that provide work. For example, there is fiver and Upwork which are legit freelancing websites. When you register them, you will find lot of business owners who are searching from freelancing professionals. So, finding clients to make money online won’t be a hassle.

Way 2: Academic writer

Now, this is an excellent profession for making money online. There are thousands of students that need constant help in their assignment in their college projects, or students that would need help in their homework. Register yourself as an academic researcher in websites like Chegg, homework helps and Course Hero. Be sure that are you are well aware of academic integrity. Plagiarism and duplicity are not tolerated in academic assignments. So, make sure that you understand the job and then pursue your career in this. Know how to cite research articles to make your work look professional.

Way 3: Online photography

Some companies would take your photography and pay you for it. For instance, there is Foap who takes pictures from you and pays you if the photograph has eye for detail. So, if you know to hold a camera and take photos using micro and macro lens. Then this can be the right way to make quick money

Way 4: Blogging

This can be ready source of cash if you have impeccable writing skills. You can start your website or draft content for other established bloggers and magazines. If you are contents are engaging then your website will be Google ad sense approved, if not then you can write for other bloggers and magazines and share the revenue generated from AdSense.

Way 5: Virtual assistant

Here you will work as virtual assistant and schedule meetings, do market research, book appoints for your business owner. All these activities bear a similar resemblance to the personal assistant. Since you are working remotely you are termed as virtual assistant.

Way 6: Online retailer

If you have a product idea and think it will work with the customers. Then this can be a quick way to earn some cash. You need register yourself with e-commerce websites like Amazon, who would take care of your packaging, delivery, and storage

Way 7: Baby sitter or pet sitter

Some people pay a reasonable amount for amount for premium babysitting or a pet sitting experience. For this you would know how to take care of baby or a dog when an original owner is not at home

Way 8: Run errands

Here you need help the elderly and help them do the daily activities. This can come in from grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, and taking them to their hospital visits. So, this can be quick source of cash

Way 9: Tech help

There are small business owners who dot have the capital to hire a full-time employee. So, if you have good computer knowledge, then you can reach out to these companies and also channel your business to your friends and family

Way 10: YouTube

To get income from YouTube, you need have the skill to create engaging content. Once you have enough views in your channel, you will be qualified for monetization and start getting money from YouTube.

Way 11: Affiliate Marketing

Some people will pay you for making their product known to public. The recent studies has shown that people who do affiliate marketing can earn 1000 dollars per month. All you would need is a strategy to promote the products.

Way 12: Selling Domains

Some domains being sold for millions of dollars. So, for example, you sell two domains per month then your estimated amount can be 100 dollars. For this you need the knowledge of web development.

Way 13: Freelance Designer

This would need a good knowledge of Chrome Dev Tools, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe fireworks. Once you know how to use these seamlessly. You will be able to design attractive website for business owners

Way 14: Crowdfunding

This means convincing a large number of people to pay for your business idea. You need to create a social media campaign that would let the audience know how your business will help them. Once they start investing will start generating funds for your product

Way 15: Online Courses

You would have seen a video in social media that where a guy tells people to purchase their online classes just for 50 dollars. These courses contain videos that explain to the people how the course would help them. So, this can be great source of quick cash

Way 16: Search Engine Specialist

For this, you need to provide three services to your customers. First the knowledge of strategic keywords in website rankling, second use of Google Analytics and third is known as the content structure. Once clients see that their websites are ranked at the top in Google, they would repeat your services and pay a reasonable amount for it

Way 17: Social Media Consultant

This means you need to manage social media accounts for individuals who have a hectic work schedule As a social media consultant, you would update their social media in regular updates with their product news and pricing.

Way 18: Business Coach

If you have been in the corporate business for years or have been running your successful business, then you could help to failing business owners and budding entrepreneurs to stay updated with the market and grow their business at an alarming rate.

Way 19: Motivational Speaker

If you are someone who has faced failure and resurrected yourself from that, then this job can be perfect for you. A serial entrepreneur believes that this can be quick way to earn cash if you can convey your vision to the audience and they follow it to eliminate anxiety fear and stress from their life’s.


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