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19 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

When you tell people that you are making money online. They tend to think that you’re running some Ponzi scheme. In reality you using your talent and internet to the fullest potential. I have seen a lot of people who have made six-figure online career for themselves. So, in this article, I am going to discuss nineteen legit ways in which you can make money fast.

Way 1: Freelancing

Some companies are looking for talented freelancers for hire. To find freelancing work you need the research about the platforms that provide work. For example, there is fiver and Upwork which are legit freelancing websites. When you register them, you will find lot of business owners who are searching from freelancing professionals. So, finding clients to make money online won’t be a hassle.

Way 2: Academic writer

Now, this is an excellent profession for making money online. There are thousands of students that need constant help in their assignment in their college projects, or students that would need help in their homework. Register yourself as an academic researcher in websites like Chegg, homework helps and Course Hero. Be sure that are you are well aware of academic integrity. Plagiarism and duplicity are not tolerated in academic assignments. So, make sure that you understand the job and then pursue your career in this. Know how to cite research articles to make your work look professional.

Way 3: Online photography

Some companies would take your photography and pay you for it. For instance, there is Foap who takes pictures from you and pays you if the photograph has eye for detail. So, if you know to hold a camera and take photos using micro and macro lens. Then this can be the right way to make quick money

Way 4: Blogging

This can be ready source of cash if you have impeccable writing skills. You can start your website or draft content for other established bloggers and magazines. If you are contents are engaging then your website will be Google ad sense approved, if not then you can write for other bloggers and magazines and share the revenue generated from AdSense.

Way 5: Virtual assistant

Here you will work as virtual assistant and schedule meetings, do market research, book appoints for your business owner. All these activities bear a similar resemblance to the personal assistant. Since you are working remotely you are termed as virtual assistant.

Way 6: Online retailer

If you have a product idea and think it will work with the customers. Then this can be a quick way to earn some cash. You need register yourself with e-commerce websites like Amazon, who would take care of your packaging, delivery, and storage

Way 7: Baby sitter or pet sitter

Some people pay a reasonable amount for amount for premium babysitting or a pet sitting experience. For this you would know how to take care of baby or a dog when an original owner is not at home

Way 8: Run errands

Here you need help the elderly and help them do the daily activities. This can come in from grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, and taking them to their hospital visits. So, this can be quick source of cash

Way 9: Tech help

There are small business owners who dot have the capital to hire a full-time employee. So, if you have good computer knowledge, then you can reach out to these companies and also channel your business to your friends and family

Way 10: YouTube

To get income from YouTube, you need have the skill to create engaging content. Once you have enough views in your channel, you will be qualified for monetization and start getting money from YouTube.

Way 11: Affiliate Marketing

Some people will pay you for making their product known to public. The recent studies has shown that people who do affiliate marketing can earn 1000 dollars per month. All you would need is a strategy to promote the products.

Way 12: Selling Domains

Some domains being sold for millions of dollars. So, for example, you sell two domains per month then your estimated amount can be 100 dollars. For this you need the knowledge of web development.

Way 13: Freelance Designer

This would need a good knowledge of Chrome Dev Tools, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe fireworks. Once you know how to use these seamlessly. You will be able to design attractive website for business owners

Way 14: Crowdfunding

This means convincing a large number of people to pay for your business idea. You need to create a social media campaign that would let the audience know how your business will help them. Once they start investing will start generating funds for your product

Way 15: Online Courses

You would have seen a video in social media that where a guy tells people to purchase their online classes just for 50 dollars. These courses contain videos that explain to the people how the course would help them. So, this can be great source of quick cash

Way 16: Search Engine Specialist

For this, you need to provide three services to your customers. First the knowledge of strategic keywords in website rankling, second use of Google Analytics and third is known as the content structure. Once clients see that their websites are ranked at the top in Google, they would repeat your services and pay a reasonable amount for it

Way 17: Social Media Consultant

This means you need to manage social media accounts for individuals who have a hectic work schedule As a social media consultant, you would update their social media in regular updates with their product news and pricing.

Way 18: Business Coach

If you have been in the corporate business for years or have been running your successful business, then you could help to failing business owners and budding entrepreneurs to stay updated with the market and grow their business at an alarming rate.

Way 19: Motivational Speaker

If you are someone who has faced failure and resurrected yourself from that, then this job can be perfect for you. A serial entrepreneur believes that this can be quick way to earn cash if you can convey your vision to the audience and they follow it to eliminate anxiety fear and stress from their life’s.


Best Adobe InDesign Alternatives for web designers

Before the computer days, the publication was done with the help of paste-ups with proper measurement and care. With the introduction of computer, things started getting software dependent. This was when adobe InDesign came in the picture. Though the software made publication go seamless, people were not happy with its price point. For a professional graphic designer using this software was pretty difficulty since it cost 19.9 dollars a month. Thus, in the quest for searching more value for money software, people began to search for adobe InDesign alternative.

Why consider a substitute?

There are some great alternatives to InDesign that are available in the market right now, which offer same features of adobe InDesign and also value for money. So, if you are searching for an InDesign alternative then this article might be your answer. Some of the best choices will be discussed in the section below:

1. QuarkXPress

In the united states this tool is considered as one of the best alternatives to InDesign. If you are tired of the subscription model and want something free and user-friendly then this might be the right fit. This software is developed by a Colorado-based company known as the Quark software Inc. and has been in the graphic design market ages, basically since 1987. This tool is capable of creating different layouts for newspapers and magazines.

2. Scribus

This one is regarded as one of the best alternative to InDesign.  This software is a full-fledged desktop publication application that is dedicated in providing you impeccable quality publications. It has some power packed features like bitmap formats that have similar characteristics of adobe photoshop. Learning of this software is relatively easy since the official manual comes easy instructions to explain the working of the software. Also, this software is an open-source platform, which means the software is available for free. The developers of this software regularly provide security fixes, so that user functionality is enhanced.

3. Lucid Press 

Most of the users have used InDesign have stated that though InDesign some great features, but learning of the software can be a difficult job. With lucid press, learning is easy as the drag and drop functionality provided which turns your com-plex projects into reality. However, when you opt for premium experience you will get some additional features to use, which enhances the user experience

4. Canva

 This is not a traditional publishing application, but it comes as a graphic designing tool. Professional users who have been searching for alternatives to InDesign have regarded this software as one of the best tools for graphic related projects. Reddit users have claimed that this software makes high flyers and posters, and learning of this software is straightforward. The premium account will provide you with more features, but the free version is enough to handle your graphic related issues

5. Crello 

This software requires no technical knowledge, and it is one of the most accessible design tool to build graphics and animations. If you are someone who is searching for a tool that will be used in social media then this can be great option as this tool will require no design skills.  A web design company that deals with animations related to Facebook, Instagram and twitter use this software to do their social media-related tasks.  Also, since the learning curve of this software is natural, a web design company does not need to hire an exclusive web designing profession to use this software.

This software tends to tell your story with a visual touch. The most significant feature of this software is the fact that designer software is not complex to use.  You don to have to pay massive designer fees to use this software and no designer skills to tell your story. This is a simple tool that reaches your audience with visual impact. There are thee noteworthy mentions of this software like presentations, print, and infographics

  • Infographics: When you use infographics from this software, then you can build a close connection with your audience
  • Presentations: The presentations that are created with this softer makes your client watch all the noteworthy points
  • Print: With the help of a print option, you can create reports flyers and posters and then hand it of people that do business with you.
  • Affinity publisher

Web designers mostly want to bring their work to life, so there in continuously searching for software to do so. Their search ends when they work with affinity publisher. With the help of this software they are able create exemplary layouts for publications.  Be it books, brochures, posters or reports, this software gives the web designers the power to combine images and text to create attractive layouts.


If you are someone who is looking to create social media posts for free. Then this can be a great option. The current users of this software are estimated to be 5 million, and it has been growing with each passing day. The software comes with some commendable features which are design and update, variations of templates, royalty-free resources


All the alternatives that are stated above for InDesign will seem a good fit for you since all offer similar features and are value for money. Some are even available for free if you are not a fan of subscription norms. Make your publications come to life with these set of alternatives


Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your Website

Ever-growing technology means business owners constantly demand a feature-rich website that will boost their business presence. But to create a site that improves your presence online, you don’t always prefer your web development team.

Simply take the benefits of outsourcing. Hire external providers for the development of your site and save a lot of your money and time.

For small businesses and startups, outsourcing a project is a good decision, as they may not require a development team on a daily basis. On the flip side, Big business outsources some projects to lessen their workload and also offload the work of in-house workers.

For your information: Outsourcing is in great demand. Currently, around 75% of companies outsource the web and app development.

Outsourcing website offers several benefits, and also it is cost saving. A business owner can outsource any project; website maintenance, development, design, remote diagnostics and so on. Also, you can outsource for sharing responsibility for monitoring, security, database development and migration to the latest technologies.

Outsourcing could be very helpful for your business and employed in several ways.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?


Saving money is the main reason behind the success of outsourcing. When you assign a task to the in-house team, you need to invest a lot of money in employing people, training them, and then offering them the right tools. But when you choose to outsource, you can save money on these expenses.


This is truly challenging when there are multiple deadlines you have to juggle. With outsourcing, you need not worry about hopping between projects. You need not change your schedules to finish projects into limited time frames.

Your in-house team of developers first needs to learn and study new tools and technologies, while on the other hand, the Outsourcing team can deliver work quickly. So, via outsourcing, you not only save a lot of time but also submit your projects on time.

Many top companies are opting for this route to manage their projects.

The best example is Google. The company has been outsourcing projects for years. They assign their minor projects to external teams so that their in-house employees can give dedicated time to big projects.

Shared working hours

The difference in timings is another big advantage of outsourcing software development. When you decrease your workload by outsourcing some projects to a remote tea, your in-house team can work 24/7. So, when your in-house team is their way home after a hectic day, the team aboard can ensure a continuous workflow.

Access to global talent:

With the help of outsourcing, you get the help of professionals to handle your projects. You will come in contact with various experts and professionals in a particular field in a short supply.
More focus on core competencies

Building and managing a site online is very important. But there are some other aspects too that need to be considered. And, outsourcing gives you a lot of free time to focus on other important business tasks.

You can outsource all the technical work. By doing so, you free up a lot of your time and energy, so you can also focus on the other core aspects of your company.

Reduce Stress:

Since the development of the site is being managed by a third party so this decreases the burden and stress on you. This lets you focus more on other business activities. Also, this lets you customize your projects as per your requirements.


With site development, there are several tasks to perform and details to handle. By outsourcing the website, you get access to various experts with varied disciplines and skills. They have a group of expert developers and designers, strategists, a copywriter who are all available under one roof to complete your work. The hired firm can easily offer you with all the essential resources as per your need.

Quality work:

Many people think that outsourcing will result in low quality work. Of course, there are bad and good outsourcing firms out there, however, you should know that only the right on survives. To ensure you choose the right outsourcing company, ask for a portfolio of the company to check the company’s past performance.

Easy Talent Recruitment

Professional outsourced product development companies know how to present their creativity and past performance. There are tons of platforms like Upwork,, and Guru to assist you to find the right outsourcing firm.


Outsourcing your site lets you get a fresh perspective. What if you are getting leads, however not able to turn them into potential customers? Outsourcing companies can assist you to build a conversion optimized strategy. Outsourcing your site, it can help you gain new sight.

Better risk management:

Almost all major companies outsource some of their web design or development tasks for timely upgrades and better maintenance and avoiding the risks involved in the management of the project.

These days outsourcing website is a gateway to a company’s success. It’s considered as the right solution to stay competitive and active online.

Highly skilled developers

The main advantage of outsourcing your website is that you get the services from a highly professional developer/designer from the firm.

As you hire them, you are needed to pay monthly to the developers. Also, it saves you money. As its a short-term project, it offers a ton of benefits.

However, keep in mind to outsource reputed companies and developers, then only you will be able to earn benefit from them.

On-time delivery of projects:

Another most important benefit offered by the outsourcing website is the on-time delivery of the projects. If you outsource the reputed company for your website work, you will get your work done on time.

Keep these benefits of outsourcing your website in mind, there is much more you can obtain with the professional web developers across the world. Not only in terms of saving money but also in the delivery of quality of work.

From the above-mentioned benefits, we can say that outsourcing is the key to instant success for both small and large-scale businesses.
However, make sure you choose the best and reputed website development outsourcing firm to outsource your projects.


Salesforce Job Trends in 2020 You Need to Know

The latest report on Salesforce has been disclosed by IDC, outlining how the business, consumer and partner ecosystem of CRM will generate nearly 1.9 million new jobs and a global GDP impact of over $389 billion in 2020.

Cloud computing was in its infancy, an unproven computing technique, according to the research, when Salesforce released its first product in 2000.

With the current trend, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is needed for every company. It took months to achieve rapid performance and every company had its own CRM system. Now that businesses are growing up with the competition, they can not afford to lose time in arrangements, they need an instant solution for all their relationship work. A complete solution with easy installation and adaptation should be given.

Jobs in Salesforce:

Salesforce developer uses platform to build cloud-based applications. He must understand Visualforce and Salesforce design and must also be familiar with APEX coding and other languages such as java, C++, C, etc.

• Salesforce Administrators
• Salesforce Architect
Salesforce Consultant
• Salesforce Project Manager
• Salesforce Business Analyst

Salesforce Administrators

Admins educate and train Salesforce users, solve complex issues in business and start projects. A Salesforce Admin offers innovative solutions that make the customers happy. Education and certification of salesforce managers is often the first step for prospective administrators. It has become a standard requirement for hiring an admin, a widely recognized and accepted representation of the skills of an admin.

Salesforce’s administrator learning is now simpler than ever to use resources like Trailhead, the Admin webinar platform and the amazing people in the active groups. It is clear how important they became with this growing demand for admins. “Salesforce administration is no longer an” accidental “career as one successful managing director put it.

These also include rules on workflows, development type, etc. You will engage with people working in the company at all levels. They should communicate well and also capture guidelines.

Salesforce Architect

The big-picture thinkers and creative problem solvers are Salesforce Architects. They design long-term systems with high quantities and critical points. They will not quit. Salesforce architectural qualifications consist of three qualification levels that identify experience and skills as well as your increasing knowledge on the Salesforce platform.

  • The credentials of Salesforce Architecture Designer reflect knowledge and expertise, particularly in specialist fields.
  • Professionals with experience in a field are recognized by the Salesforce Application Architect and Systems Architect Certifications.
  • The CTA credentials are the ultimate certification for those who prove expertise, and capability to develop high-performance technical solutions in all fields of domain expertise across the Salesforce platform.

You are proud to design systems that are able to withstand anything. You see problems even if you are one to a million customers before they become problems. Set for deep diving? Start pursuing a Salesforce Architecture career.

Salesforce Consultant

A consultant from Salesforce advises businesses to introduce or develop their use of the popular Salesforce customer relations system. You are interested in meeting and addressing complex business problems by developing sales. when the customer starts using salesforce they discuss alternatives; make recommendations, data from a research company; start developing and implementing them, and stay in close contact with the customer until the project is completed. Training employees to use Salesforce may also include consultation tasks.

Use Salesforce to ensure success for your customers, you offer innovative solutions. You are happy to work with several teams to bridge the gap between business and technical solutions. You are a trustworthy consultant with your extensive knowledge of business processes and Salesforce. Your client’s progress is your number #1 priority.

A consultant dedicates his complete knowledge and commitment to the organization’s benefit by providing Salesforce accredited and experienced professionals. They have worked with various Salesforce projects, as they are experienced. You know what the CRM’s feature is worth in what way for the organization. In addition, they have expertise in Salesforce management according to organizational needs. Salesforce functions as a lump of clay at the initial stage of implementation which can be modeled in any direction.

We don’t need to know all the minor aspects of the platform, but they still need to know the platform and its functionality and changes.

Salesforce Project Manager

The project manager of Salesforce needs to know the cloud-based platform. He should work with his team on customer projects. He should be able to draw up a road map with business, budgets of projects and provide schedules delivery. It is the connection between the technical team and the customers.

Salesforce Business Analyst

Salesforce Business Analysts are responsible for enhancing the instance and management of Salesforce. This position demands a lot from Salesforce to define, organize, codify, and upgrade the highlights and capabilities, which are focused on the needs of its customers.
This role is the responsibility of managing and promoting Salesforce to ensure the full use and adaptation of the stage, using deft methods and system, to meet and support business goals. This task requires you to examine and break the company, administration and data procedures needed in order to enhance customer experience and to update change management activities

You thrive on data plunge, identify key insights so draw up a successful business strategy. And you can think about problems and make realistic decisions with your cool head and sound logic. Looks like you? Sounds like you? See a career as an analyst for business.

In order to effectively transform requirements, Salesforce Business Analyst must assess the client’s business needs and connect with the technical team.

Conclusion: These are certainly one of the most advanced positions in 2020. See if you can be among those awesome professionals in the Salesforce industry. Take the right role and take certifications in this particular article. This will definitely help you to become a professional. The future has many exciting opportunities in cloud-based CRMs. Be prepared to pick it up.


How to change jiofi Password

The LYF-introduced JioFi Wi-Fi device helps you in connecting to more than ten devices and 1 USB connection. All the models that possess the same configuration can support many connections when it is related to this device.

Jio has introduced the Jio Dongle in many versions. Using your Wi-Fi SSID password and User ID of Jio, you can log in to your Admin Dashboard. It hardly takes about a minute for you to log into your Jio Local Wi-Fi Dongle using the same ID and Password.

Once you have obtained your user ID and Password to use the Jiofi network, you will have to register your ID and Password in the portal to use the services that it offers.

In the previous year, Jio launched its telecom services across several states of India. It has witnessed a drastic change in the telecom industry that includes digitalization, usage of the 4G Internet, and many other telecom-related services. With Reliance becoming one of the leading telecom service providers in India, you can also avail services of the jiofi network anywhere across the country.

Jiofi Settings:

Once Jio has introduced their Jio 4G services across India, they came up with complimentary offers for all those users who have opted for their services. The users used to get unlimited 4G data offers, free voice and video calls, and many more services. Similarly, Jio is also introducing many offers that in Jiofi that you can opt for to enjoy the services.

How to Setup JioFi?

Here are the steps that you must follow to set up JioFi:

 Step 1: Open the newly bought JioFi Box that has JioFi, Adaptor, Batteries, and Cables

 Step 2: Insert the Jio Sim that you are using at the back of the JioFi box and then insert the batteries. Make sure that you have added the chip of the SIM card appropriately. Close the cover.

 Step 3: Switch on your JioFi by pressing and holding the power button.

 Step 4: Once the signal indicator is lit up, check that the color of the light is green or blue. This means that your JioFi box is receiving signals and is in good condition.

 Step 5: Complete the setup as instructed. Your device is now ready for usage.

Reset Password

If you forget your password, then you will have to follow the below steps to fix it or change it.

 Step 1: Open Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to change the password of your JioFi. You can also open any browser as you prefer. Type http://jiofi.local.html and press enter.

 Step 2: Login Button will appear in front of you that will ask you to enter your user ID and Password. Fill in the details correctly to complete the login.

 Step 3: Once you have logged into the link, it will redirect you to your user Dashboard.

 Step 4: Click on the Network Option that you will find from the top menu and then click on the Wi-Fi Configuration.

 Step 5: Search for Network Name (SSID) and type the name as you wish. You will find the Password as the last option where you can type a new password as you prefer. Your password will be successfully changed once you have clicked on the apply changes option.


How to change mobile number in SBI?

SBI or State Bank of India is one of the most reputed banks of India that operates in every city and town within the country. It offers Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, wealth management, credit cards, finance, and insurance services to the Indian public.

 Experts recommend that you must register your mobile number with the bank accounts that you are having. It aids you in keeping an appropriate track of all your transactions and helps you in notifying when any unauthorized transaction is taking place in your account. If you have already registered your number, then you must keep it updated when you are changing your number so that the bank can reach out to you in case of fraudulent activities taking place in your account. Procedure to change your number If you have an active internet banking account, you can follow the below steps to change the phone number on your bank account:

 Step 1: Visit to change your mobile number.

 Step 2: Click on the ‘Profile’ tab. Step

 Step 3: Select ‘Personal Details’ once you have logged into your account. Step

 Step 4: Enter your profile password. Step

 Step 5: You will see your name in the display, Email ID, and registered phone number. You can click on the link stating “Change Mobile Number – Domestic Only (Through OTP/ATM/Contact Centre)’. 

Step 6: Once you have clicked on the link, you will be redirected to a screen that states, “Personal Details – Mobile Number Update.” There will be three options available to you: Create Request, Status, and Cancel Request.

 Step 7: You will have to input your new phone number and re-enter the same again. Make sure that you re-enter the same number that you are inputting in the first tab.

 Step 8: Click on the ‘Submit’ option.

Once you have submitted the Request, you will see a pop-message coming up on your screen stating that ‘Verify and confirm your phone number XXXXXXXXXX.’ You will have to click on the ‘OK’ option to proceed further. Once you have clicked on the ‘OK’ option, you will be redirected to a new screen where you will find three options to change your phone number:

  •  By receiving OTP on your both the numbers 
  • IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM 
  • Approval by calling the Contact Centre 

If you are opting for the OTP (One-Time Password) option, then you will have to make sure that both of the mobile numbers (previous and current) are active. You will be receiving an OTP on both the mobile numbers that you will have to input in the required sections for validation purposes. If you are choosing the IRATA option, you will have to enter your debit card details and then click on the pay option. You will have to visit the nearby SBI ATM to complete the validation. Choose the Services tab in the ATM and then select Internet Banking Request Approval. Input the reference number that you have received on your phone and proceed to complete the Request.

 If you are choosing the third option, then you will have to enter your ATM card details on the screen that you will see. Once you have entered your card details, you will have to click on the submit option. You will receive a text message that contains the reference number of the phone number change request. A bank official from SBI will contact you within three working days to update your new number. Make sure you call out the reference number correctly to the bank representative.


Small Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women 

Nowadays having a funky and attractive tattoo is a trend. It is in fashion. People are using different quotes, symbols, pictures. It is very popular all over the world. 

Having a small and attractive tattoo is quite popular among girls. Most of the girls prefer tattoo studio in Mumbai city. 

In Mumbai, you can easily find an affordable tattoo studio with highly technical machines for tattoo designing. Tattoo designing is not an easy job especially on women’s skin; some are having very soft and sensitive skin. It may damage their skin if they don’t take care.

Nowadays big tattoo artists are using the latest pieces of equipment for tattoo designing, so it is less painful to have a tattoo. They are very safe for skin, having chances of less damage.    Here we are sharing some best tips for small tattoo ideas for women. 

1. Heart Shape Tattoo – It is a very lovely small tattoo. It gives a feeling of love, trust, romance, stability and hope. It looks very elegant to have a red colour small heart tattoo.

2. Small Rose Tattoo – It looks very attractive to a rose tattoo behind the neck or on under wrist. It is associated with love, happiness and respect. You can use black or red ink for this tattoo. 

3. Small Crown Tattoo – It is a very decent tattoo. It is a symbol of leadership, authority, Liberty and power. It looks very cool in black, blue or dark grey ink. 

4. Small Airplane Tattoo – It is a very sober design. You can have a small aeroplane design on the upper arm or wrist. You can use dark grey or jade black ink. 

5. Small Sun Tattoo – It is a better choice to have a small rising sun tattoo. It is a symbol of joy and victory. You can use this on the wrist or underarm. 

6. Small Pearl Tattoo – It is a positive idea to have small but attractive pearl tattoo. It shows wealth, purity, rebirth and miracle. It is best for the girls getting married or newly married. 

7. Small Snow Flake Tattoo – It is a good choice to have a snowflake tattoo, it is a very simple type of tattoo. It is a symbol of uniqueness, gentleness and humanity. You can use blue or black ink. 

8. Musical Symbols small Tattoo – If you want to show your music love then it is a good choice for you. You can use any of your favourite musical instrument design for the tattoo. Most of the ladies are preferring guitar and violin.  

9. Small Elephant Tattoo – In so many cultures elephant is a sign of power, prosperity and strength. You can use it on wrist and ankle. 

10. Small Arrow Tattoo – It is also a better choice if you want to have a small size tattoo. It represents strength and power. You can easily find so many arrow designs. you can use black and blue ink for these types of tattoos. 

11. Book Lover Tattoo – There are so many book lovers in the world. So they can represent their book love by having a book design on their wrist or neck.

12. Small Doe Tattoo – Having a small doe tattoo looks very attractive. It is a sign of gentleness. If you are a gentle person then you can use it to show your personality to others. You can use multi-colours for this tattoo. 

13. Small Lotus Tattoo – This tattoo is very attractive and trendy. It represents beauty, perfection, purity and enlightenment. It looks perfect on the ankle or neck. 

14. Small Om Tattoo – It is a religious symbol. It is a symbol of spirituality. If you are a religious person so it is a better choice for you.

15. Small Feather Tattoo – It is a very popular design. It is used by the tribal group and ancient civilisations. It is a symbol of freedom, truth, bravery and liberty.  

16. Small Owl Tattoo – It is very attractive to have a small owl tattoo. It is a symbol of strategy and wisdom. If you are having a mysterious personality to observe more and speak less, then it is a better choice for you.

17. Small Tree Tattoo – It is a symbol of peace. if you are a greenery lover then it is a good choice for you. It also represents wisdom, growth, prosperity and abundance. 

18. Small Moon Tattoo – It is a very gentle choice to a fool moon or half-moon tattoo. It is a symbol of rebirth, femininity and peace. It looks perfect on the wrist, arms and neck. 

19. Small Anchor Tattoo – It is a popular tattoo. It shows Security, strength, stability and persistence. You can use it on wrist, ankle or on the neck.

20. Small symbols Tattoo – You can use any religious or royal sign for the tattoo. It is a simple and sober choice.  So these are some best small tattoo designs for women.     


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